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Must for juices

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We care about the production process


Production of must for juices

Depending on the crop, the processing factory currently produces around 200-300 thousand quintals of preserved must for fruit juices per year.

We make rosé preserved must using black and red grapes, as well as white preserved must using white grapes.

Table grapes production

We produce red and white table grapes, both seedless and with seeds.

In total, our farm has approximately 100 hectares of vineyards that produce table grapes.

Collection and transportation of grapes

At the customer’s request, we offer our transport trucks free of charge to facilitate the loading, unloading and transportation of grapes from the field to the factory.

Our factory has around 100 transport trucks for grapes, including tipping trucks and forklift trucks. The tanks, all made out of stainless steel, are painted annually with epoxy paints in order to ensure maximum protection and durability.

Production of by-products

Our factory produces by-products such as solid lees and argol, which go to distilleries that produce tartaric acid and other chemical and pharmaceutical products.

With a view to reusing production waste, we use the pomace and stalks as soil improvers and organic fertilisers on our own vineyards.